FCP Joins Consortium of Industry Leaders in Establishment of Multifamily Impact Council

FCP® is proud to be a founding member of the newly launched Multifamily Impact Council (MIC) – a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to establishing impact investing principles and data-driven impact reporting frameworks for the multifamily housing industry.

“FCP is excited to join this collaborative, results-driven consortium of multifamily impact leaders in the establishment of the Multihousing Impact Council,” said Summer Haltli, Principal of ESG and Impact at FCP and board member of MIC. “Currently, there is limited investor and operator consensus on what constitutes impact investing in the affordable housing sector in the United States. As a result, investors and property owners must either create their own guidelines or adjust to broad enterprise-level ESG frameworks that may not directly apply to multifamily properties. It is critical to develop a common structure for multifamily impact investing in order to unlock a private sector solution to the housing affordability crisis in the United States.”  

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