FCP’s consistently positive performance results are driven by the day-to-day interactions with our property management partners to enhance revenues, create operating efficiencies, and oversee capital improvements. Substantial technology investments allow our team to track daily trending, react quickly when necessary, and outperform our competition. 

Risk Management

FCP employs a variety of strategies to effectively manage risk. Leveraging our insurance industry relationships, for example, helps to address the risk inherent in FCP’s complex investments. FCP’s asset management team is advised regularly on all relevant areas of insurance and risk mitigation. Their focus includes new acquisitions, structuring management agreements, supporting our partner relationship programs, and structured financing needs. Relying on a dedicated team to provide full-service risk management consultation allows FCP to maintain superior services, coverages and pricing.

Development and Construction Management

FCP’s hands-on approach to multifamily development begins with a thorough analysis of a submarket to uncover pricing inefficiencies and supply/demand imbalances. Unlike many private equity funds, FCP’s in-house development and construction management professionals underwrite, administer, monitor, and execute development projects. Our construction management team supports new development as well as renovations and Capex projects, ensuring that pricing, sustainability goals and operational specifications are met. FCP maintains its competitive advantage by employing the latest technologies to support its management practices.