FCP Partners with Standard Solar for 2.1-Megawatt Array System in Forestville, MD

FCP® on August 5, 2023 marked the completion of a 2.1-megawatt array system at Holly Spring Meadows Apartments in Forestville, MD in partnership with Standard Solar. The New Community Solar Energy Generation System consists of an 800-kilowatt (kW) carport array and a 921-kW rooftop array at the 224-unit apartment community, equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of 1.6 million pounds of coal or charging 182 million smartphones for a year. The system is comprised of 9 building arrays, 9 carport arrays, and 3 points of interconnection to the PEPCO electrical grid. This combination of roof and carport will generate a combined 2,120-megawatt hours of clean energy annually, allowing it to offset the demand of more than 300 homes. 50% of energy produced on site will be allocated to individuals of low to moderate income households.